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Think Bigger Being Bigger

Starting 2022, we moved our location from Regus Amman to our larger space with customized decoration willing to express our creative thinking and comfortable environment.
Our faith is always based on that each company should take care of their employees to be more effective and efficient.

Business Box is now looking to be the number one marketing and development agency in the middle east for the medical and pharmaceutical fields, emphasizing digital transformation and online products and services and focusing on providing the market with the latest strategies and plans for health care providers.

Thursday movie night!

As a part of employee engagement and internal marketing, CEO Moayyad Abu Shaqra has decided to provide the company with a home theater room powered by a monitor audio brand for the best audio experience and 58 inches LED screen.

Netflix, and PlayStation 5 are part of this entertaining session at work; are jealous to join them?

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